Webhooks: Create a new generation of applications with Sellsy technology

Discover Webhooks, a feature that allows Sellsy to better communicate with external applications.

23 March 2017 • 4 min.Read more

A French take on SaaStr Annual, the world’s largest conference of online softwares

Take a look at the world's largest SaaS conference through our eyes.

17 February 2017 • 8 min.Read more

Sellsy + Algolia : instant search for enhanced customer self-care

Learn how implementing Algolia allows Sellsy to improve support to its customers with instant search.

7 October 2016 • 2 min.Read more

New Feature: Improve Your Leads Management by Tracking and Scoring Website Visitors

Even if your website is an indisputable source for leads, these leads are often completely anonymous to you until the moment that they engage your company by a specific action, such as filling out a web form.

24 May 2016 • 4 min.Read more

New import features: you dreamt it? Our developers did it :-)

Many of you expected a more flexible procedure for importing data on Sellsy. To solve this complex need, our development teams have completely redesigned the import mechanism.

22 December 2015 • 2 min.Read more

5 rules for sending your greetings by email

It's almost the new year and is the time for seasons greetings. Traditionally companies will send cards by post, but today they are more likely to choose email.

23 December 2014 • 4 min.Read more