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What data should your customer database contain?

The right client data can help you turn a prospect into a client or win a new contract. In this highly competitive ecosystem, you have to be able to build a clear and relevant strategy to your market.

23 July 2019 • 5 min.Read more

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How to clean and update your customer database

You need to clean and update your customer database if you want it to be efficient. Good maintenance will bring the best results!

23 July 2019 • 6 min.Read more

How to create a customer database?

Information is power. This expression takes its full meaning when talking about customer databases. Indeed, the more you know about your customers, the more you will be able to please them.

18 July 2019 • 8 min.Read more

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Customer database: which service providers should you choose?

A good management of customer data is essential. Your customer data drives your company's business through compiling valuable data to track your sales and analysing your economic performance.

18 July 2019 • 6 min.Read more

Top 4 Meeting Scheduler Apps to Improve Your Productivity

At a time when collaborative practices and mobility are thriving, teamwork needs to be organized to be effective.

17 July 2019 • 4 min.Read more

5 tips and tricks for setting up your CRM pipelines

Created about ten years ago, pipeline management has now become the norm in most CRM tools.

16 July 2019 • 5 min.Read more

The Power of Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

Generating excellent customer reviews has become more critical than ever. Granted, business 101 is “The customer always comes first”, but with the digital world being awake 24/7, how can businesses continuously prioritise their consumers in an...

20 July 2018 • 17 min.Read more

Dealing with customer feedback and making your relationships pop

Feedback is all around us. Every time we speak to a person, employee, customer, vendor, we communicate feedback. Some the good, some the bad, and now with social media, some the creatively ugly. So as a company, how do you use feedback, and...

2 July 2018 • 18 min.Read more

The 7 Dos and Don’ts of Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media platforms dominate the conversation by building and delivering customer relations on a global scale, but how does that relate to your business? Is it measurable and, most importantly, is it driving customers to your products or...

5 June 2018 • 16 min.Read more

New Module: Bank Reconciliation

Save your accountant time and energy from constantly chasing up payments, linking invoices to bank statements, and creating charts of accounts, with the brand new feature from Sellsy.

4 June 2018 • 3 min.Read more

Sellsy raises € 7 million to support growth and accelerate internationally

That's it is official, Sellsy raises 7 million euros from SofiOuest advised by Arkéa Capital and Alto Invest, historical investor who strengthens its stake 7 years after its entry into the capital.

10 January 2018 • 4 min.Read more

Did you know? Sellsy allows you to track and analyze documents openings.

Have you always wanted to know if your prospect has looked at your quote? And if so, for how long they had it open? It's possible with Sellsy!

27 June 2017 • 3 min.Read more