Your competitors are waiting to pounce

In today’s environment, you need to respond to your customers faster than your competitor’s sales team will.

With Sellsy’s loyalty modules, you’ll be perfectly situated to give a best-in-class service that has your customers shouting from the rooftops.

Categorise contacts

Customer communication is too often without consideration to what each of their individual interests and preferred communication methods.

With Sellsy, you can avoid making the same mistake by creating segmented customer lists according to any of the data you’ve got on their record.

For example, if you’re exhibiting in London, add a filter on the “City” field and only send an email invite to those in the area. Your customers in Timbuktu that keep getting hopeful invites will thank you.

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Targeted communications

Effortlessly put email and text message marketing campaigns into action.

Sellsy provides a powerful marketing module as standard so that you can get sending newsletters and SMS alerts from day 0. What’s more, you can accurately target your messages according to customer behaviour and criteria; for example, customers that have previously bought a specific product or service.

Nothing is simpler than designing your marketing emails. Our simple drag-and-drop interface takes minutes to get to grip with and makes newsletters a breeze.


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“The link between the data in different Sellsy modules is so useful when creating a marketing campaign or quickly implementing a landing page.”

Thibault Saidi
CMO @ Kayo

Stay organised

Everyone knows that a well-implemented project depends on great planning…which isn’t always easy.

That’s why we’ve carried over the simplicity of Kaban project management to our project management module. With that in place, all of your projects are clearly in one place and sharable with everyone that is necessary to their success.


Customer support

With Sellsy’s support ticketing module, all of the inbound customer questions are stored in a centralised dashboard where each member of your team can easily take the relay.

With custom fields, you can easily qualify your requests for statistical analysis or data recording.

Sellsy also gives you a quick overview of every customer support request directly within their customer file to simplify the move from prospect, to customer, to ambassador.

Urgent requests are equally as easy to manage with Sellsy’s mobile app (available on Android and iOS).

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