Collaborate in agile mode

Sellsy’s project management module is everything you’ll need and more to get from start to finish on complex projects. Through the Kanban view, you can easily monitor project progress,
create plans, checklists, and more. 

You can also invite clients to join the project board and from there, co-ordinate meetings, link business documents, opportunities or any other type of Sellsy file.

Stay in the loop with every exchanges between employee and customer thanks to the history on each customer and project file.


Monitor your margin at all times

With Sellsy’s profit and margins module combined with our time tracking feature, your agency can start focusing on the 80/20 principle.

Simply input your labour cost per service, use our timetracking tool to monitor the time spent on each task, then determine what services and clients are the most profitable.

Over 500 agencies use Sellsy daily to optimise their operations



“We no longer waste time making quotes and invoices, relaunching prospects or entering new contacts. Everything is fluid and many tasks are automated. Sellsy easily gave us back 4 hours a week.”


Nathalie Granger-Pacaud

The most used modules by marketing agencies


CRM, Gestion co, Redactor, Projet


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