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Become a full blown sales machine


Your customers have hundreds of different touch points, your teams have hundreds of different tools, and your data is in a hundred different places. Stop playing catch up with competitors.

Get everyone on the same page and move prospects through the sales stages like a hot knife through butter.



Stop wasting time on useless admin

  • Multiple sales pipelines
  • Email automation
  • Lead tracking and scoring
  • Revenue forecasting

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Close the deal quicker and get paid faster

  • Create quotes and invoices
  • Accept online signatures
  • Get paid from your invoice
  • Simplified payment tracking

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Turn your customers into a lead generation machine

  • Support tickets
  • Email nurturing
  • In-app team chat
  • Time tracking

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We integrate with your favourite tools

Sellsy is an open system with multiple native integrations that come at no extra cost. And if we don’t already integrate, don’t worry. Our API is open and public, so you can get your tech stack talking with your Sellsy dashboard exactly how you want.

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From website visitor to proud ambassador, choose your Sellsy modules and manage every single step of the sales process from one sole platform.


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“The solution really adapted to all of our needs, be it creating client files, managing sales opportunities, sending invoices, keeping track of our revenue, or exporting it all.”

B2B Event Manager @ Anticafé


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We’re with you every step of the way

  • Project scope and needs analysis
  • Module setup and data import
  • Software training
  • Custom software integration


Whatever you need to make your sales a success, we’ll be there.

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