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Save time to sell more

Focus on your high value-added actions and use the Sellsy suite for other tasks. From automated email scenarios, to personalized quote formats, to the transformation of quotes into invoices, your recurring administrative tasks will be simplified and will save you precious time.

Track your opportunities with pipelines

The pipelines allow you to follow the progress of your leads according to predefined steps (new lead / demo in progress / quote sent / to contact again...). You can also associate tasks to prepare your days in advance and gain efficiency. The use of filters such as creation dates, opportunity sources, scoring... allows you to identify priority leads.

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Optimize your customer knowledge

There's nothing like knowing your prospect or customer inside and out. Thanks to the activity timeline, you will find all the interactions between your company and your customer on the same page. The tracking of the reading of sales documents allows you to know when your quotes and emails are read and thus to get back in touch with your prospect at the right time.

Secure your sales and payments

Take advantage of the electronic signature integrated into the CRM suite to save time.Similarly, the online payment tools integrated directly into the Sellsy solution ensure the quality and security of the various payments, in order to avoid unpaid bills and late payments.

Analyze your actions with the sales report

The prospecting report provides a clear and quick view of all the activity of the employees in terms of business opportunities. 

The activity report, on the other hand, provides a vision of the activity of the teams. Thanks to this report, the sales manager has a simple view of completed tasks and events scheduled by employees. These reports are a real plus in your sales management. 

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