Administrative Service

The tool that simplifies your invoicing and management

Invoice and do your pre-accounting with ease - for optimal management of your administration.

Une représentation des différentes fonctionnalités de Sellsy

A single interface for all your bank accounts

Synchronize your bank account(s) on Sellsy. All transactions and your balance will be visible from your Sellsy interface. You can switch from one account to another very easily. A real time saver!

Monitor your cash flow

The bank reconciliation integrated into your Sellsy solution gives you a cross-section of your cash flow. The automatic payment reminder will allow you to secure your income in an automated way.

Easy reconciliation thanks to quick suggestions

Your transactions can be easily reconciled with your documents (sales or purchases) in Sellsy using a suggestion. This also applies to the accounts in your chart of accounts.

An ally for your pre-accounting

Sellsy bank reconciliation allows you to generate accounting entries for all the transactions in your account (salaries, taxes, rent for your premises, etc.)

You can easily export all your accounting entries. This will save your accountant a lot of time and efficiency!

A management tool

Thanks to a page dedicated to your statistical reports, you will have a global vision of the distribution of your income and expenses, as well as the balance of your invoices and bank accounts.

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