More than 1,000 chartered accountants trust Sellsy. Why not you?

3 good reasons to become a Sellsy certified accountant

Sellsy is a proven French solution that has already been adopted by over 4,000 companies.

Free, live support in France

On Sellsy, support is provided by chat from 9am to 6pm on working days. All our specialists are based in La Rochelle and will call you back if needed.

Training and configuration services

Create sales proposals, contracts or any type of dynamic document in your image.

Common marketing actions and referencing

Connect your email box and find your exchanges (and those of your team) for each contact.

When accounting meets operations

Discover the only accounting platform that gives you access to the best of both worlds. 

With Sellsy, you benefit from a solid interface for retrieving your customers' accounting entries. 

At the same time, your customers benefit from a powerful tool for managing their business (prospecting, management, sales, support) that is consistent with the data you use. 

By accessing Sellsy, you can easily export data, as well as accessing justifications or making filters or extractions. 

They say it better than we do

The monthly reporting for our investors is ready on the 5th of the month. It would be impossible without Sellsy.

Victor Douek

Your customers want more than just accounting software

New technologies allow new uses. Don't settle for anything less.
Reliable and fast, online software like Sellsy allows entrepreneurs to be more productive and secure their sales cycle.

But beyond accounting, what entrepreneurs want is to increase their revenue.

Sellsy's value proposition addresses this with electronic signatures, reminder management and the integration of digital payment methods. 

Sellsy for your practice?

Sellsy is a solution that allows you to do much more than just manage your accounts. To try it is to adopt it.

Even if your firm has accounting tools, Sellsy is still a tool that could be of great service to you. Shared calendars and emails, task management, step-by-step process management...

There are many features that could really save you time. And of course, it is much easier for you to explain Sellsy if you are using it. 

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