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Google Workspace application

Enrich your contact database with the Google Workspace application


Google Workspace is a suite of online productivity tools for businesses and organizations. It includes applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, as well as other collaboration tools. With Google Workspace, users can work together in real time and access their files from any device.

Sellsy now has its own gmail extension to make your life easier:

  • Instantly retrieve information about your contact 
  • Search your existing contacts on Sellsy to contact them
  • Create new Sellsy contacts from gmail

How do I activate the Google Workspace application?

To add Sellsy to your Google Workspace account, search for Sellsy in Google Add-ons by clicking on the Google Applications button on the right of your screen and then typing "Sellsy" in the search bar.

Once the application is installed in your Gmail, click Login to open the Sellsy authentication window. Enter your email and password to log in to your Sellsy account. You can also sign in to Sellsy through your Google account by clicking on "Sign in with Google".

Then validate the list of scopes to which the application has access: this is the scope of the application, what it is allowed to see or create in your Sellsy account.

View your data

When you receive an email in your Gmail inbox, you can directly consult the information related to your contact (if they exist on Sellsy):

  • email,
  • phone,
  • companies,
  • opportunities. 

You can click on the company, opportunities and sales documents to access them directly on Sellsy.

Create new data

If your contact has not been created in Sellsy, you can add it in a few clicks. You can also attach it to a new company.

Search for your contacts

Using a search bar, enter the name of one of your contacts to access the information available on Sellsy. You can even contact them by email directly from your gmail account.

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