Optimize your marketing operations

Use your CRM data to better target your marketing actions and be more relevant to your contacts.

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​​Track your ROI by acquisition channel

Tracking your actions and acquisition channels is essential for any marketing team. Whatever the source of your opportunities, Sellsy's Opportunity Source Report will give you a clear and precise view of the quality of each acquisition source and their profitability. Prioritize and optimize your future marketing acquisition campaigns. 

Get your teams to collaborate

Managing your customers continuously is essential if you want to optimize your customer relations. With Sellsy, each employee will be able to retrieve customer information in real time and respond to their needs seamlessly. Connect your calendars, retrieve sent emails or notify a colleague directly from your CRM Sellsy. IT is quickly accessible, at a glance, thanks to the activity timeline. 

Implement a lead nurturing strategy

To nurture your leads with relevant content, track and work on your opportunities with email automation scenarios directly from your pipelines. Assigning scores based on actions performed by the prospect will allow you to evaluate the maturity of a prospect and contact them at the best time.

Segmentation and targeting: a winning strategy

Communicating effectively with your prospects and customers, and knowing how to send them relevant information at the right time, is essential to capturing their attention and gaining their trust.

The custom fields and smart-tags in Sellsy are mines of information about your customers. With them, you can target your audience for more effective marketing campaigns.

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