Your data is safe with us

At Sellsy, we are fully aware of the importance of your business’s data. In many cases, your company’s real value resides in the data stored with us, like your client database or invoicing data.

To guarantee the greatest possible security, we have opted from the beginning for a high quality hosting on our own servers, to guarantee a very high availability and complete security.

Data Hosting

Your data is stored on our own servers, hosted in the infrastructure of Claranet, a leading European professional hosting company. The control server security and daily updates on our operating systems are performed in real time.

Controlling our technical infrastructure allows us to ensure 100% confidentiality of your data, that never go out of our machines without your explicit consent. Our production facility is located in Paris under French jurisdiction.

Data Availability

Access to your business information is a continuing need and our job is to respond to 100%. With an average above 99.9% average availability Sellsy perfectly meets this need.

Of course, we also make every effort to ensure technical high reactivity of the platform and we continue to invest heavily to always improve response time and scalability of the application.

Data Backup

All of your data is backed up every night by three independent servers. Each backup is thus stored in three geographically separate locations to ensure that your data is safe and easily recovered in case of problems.

Any data that you delete remains stored on our servers for a week. If you need to retrieve this information, you must make your request to Sellsy within one week. After this week, your data will be deleted from Sellsy’s servers.

Data Encryption

All information you send to Sellsy is encrypted [TLS encryption 256 bit]. You probably probably already know the “Internet lock” which is found in the upper left corner of your browser as you enter sensitive data. This lock means that the website will instantly encrypt the data you submit.

With 256 bit TLS encryption (formerly SSL), all the data you enter is scrambled multiple times, ensuring safe transfer from your computer to the Sellsy servers.