Follow your cash with bank reconciliation

Sellsy allows you to connect your bank accounts directly into the app. At any time you have full visibility of all your accounts, a real time saver that avoids you to check for each bank individually.

Then reconcile your sales, purchases and other accounting entries to prepare a complete and reliable accounting file for your accountant.

The process is largely automated and Sellsy will offer you in most cases the corresponding document without more effort on your part.

Invoice Sellsy

Manage all your expenses, simple or complex

Whether it’s entering simple expense or following a complete purchase cycle, Sellsy knows how to adapt.

Manage your supplier orders and monitor the compliance of invoices received.

Easily store PDF receipts or invoices for every purchase, even from the mobile app.

Advanced Product Management

Discover a powerful catalog to steer your activity: create rich product sheets with photos, barcodes, variations …

Pilot your rates with fare categories and calculate your margin based on your purchase price


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