Sell Find opportunities easier and get them interested quicker.

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Manage your prospects effectively.

Management of prospects / opportunities
Pipeline view and task processing
Live and recorded collaborative messaging (chat)
Automated marketing campaigns
Lead capture (chat widget, forms)
Tracking and scoring of leads
Activity report sorted by sales employee or by source
​High security file storage
Modify large groups of data with a single entry
​Adjustable exports

Customer Support
Precisely track your interactions with customers.

Follow-up of complaints or customer requests (tickets)
Natural processing (sent from an employee email)
Management of the internal flow (with notes and assignments)
Manual creation of tickets on emails or forms
Standardised response models with changeable variations
Ticket history shown on the customers’ accounts
Integrated time tracking (automatic or manual)
Custom fields to qualify requests
Statistical Reports

Easily create email or text message campaigns.

Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
Advanced editor mode (HTML)
Customisable messages with variations
Tracking of openings/clicks
Automatic creation of opportunities
Management of static mailing lists
Management of dynamic multi-criteria segments
Campaign statistics
Management of emails with Emailstrategie

This module works on the basis of custom quotas that are adapted to your subscription package and renewable.

Online Signatures
Get your documents signed online.

Document integrity guarantee
Guarantee of the authenticity of the signature
Validation by email or text
Automatic notifications and real-time tracking
Management of multiple signatures
Signature operated by YouSign
Secure storage 10 years (Cash Deposits)

This module works on the basis of custom quotas that are adapted to your subscription package and renewable.

Time Tracking
Track the time you spend on each task or client.

Quick time entry or in a weekly table
Timer management
Time tracking by customer or by service
Calculation of margin by the hourly cost
Tracking time of messaging
Time tracking of support tickets
Time tracking of project management
Summary of time spent on a record for the customer
Detailed global statistics (per customer, per employee)

Close Stop wasting time getting paid and start making profit.

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Business Management
Make invoices and get paid quick.

Management of contacts / customers
Management of sales documents (quotes, invoices etc.)
Management of products and services
Centralised and collaborative email management
Plug-ins for Gmail and Outlook
Data sharing through customers’ accounts
Advanced options (deposits, discounts, options etc.)
Send emails and track click and open rates
Online signatures for estimates
Online invoice payments (Atos, Stripe, Paypal)
Tracking history and links
Contact customers by mail or email
Management of balances
Custom, personalised documents
Multilingual document templates
Multilingual catalogs
Product categories and subcategories
Management product of variations (size, color etc.)
Price categories (retailers, individuals etc.)
Customised discounts according to the customer
Tracking of cash receipts
Management of invoices with multiple due dates
Direct debit compatible with BACS and SEPA via GoCardless
Direct exports to accounting with workflow
High security file storage
Modify large groups of data with a single entry
Adjustable exports

Subscription Management
Automate your recurring billing.

Management of units and price formulas
Modifiable rules of recurrence
Set dates for automatic invoices
Direct or delayed sending methods

Accounting Automate accounting entry.

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Bank Reconciliation
Take control of your cash flow.

Connect and synchronise your bank accounts
One interface for all of your bank accounts
A tool to manage your cash flow
Easy bank reconciliation
Identify your collection and payment problems
Export of accounting entries into chart of accounts
An optimal follow-up of your receipts and your expenses

Inventory Management
Keep a close eye on your stock levels.

Multi-channel inventory management
Follow simple and serialized inventory
Multi-warehouse management
Calculation of the weighted average unit cost
Organisation of inventory by their variations (size, color etc.)
Capacity to verify the availability of articles
Alert in the event of a shortage and then of restocking

Purchases and Margins
Monitor your expenses and margins.

Registration of purchases
Storage of supporting documents
Management of the purchasing cycle (ordering, delivery)
Calculation of margins
Direct link to the inventory management module
Direct export to accounting with Workflow
Modify large groups of data with a single entry
​Adjustable exports

Accountant Exports
Integrate your accounting data.

Direct export of accounting entries
Compatible with all accounting software
Adjustable exports
Free access for your accountant
Workflow oriented production
Third party code / catalog
Editable chart of accounts
Automatic export capacity to accounting
Analysis by file or by business

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