A CRM that adapts to your team

Finding a new business opportunity isn’t always the hard part – you need to make sure that they don’t escape!

Create multiple pipelines to follow-up with your prospects efficiently and collaborate on closing the deal with your team on one interactive dashboard.

  • Set up the steps a typical deal goes through for your business
  • Easily move your opportunities from one step to another
  • Quickly identify those who should be recontacted

And of course, everyone can access the database on the go from their mobile.


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360 customer view

Every customer interaction in one place

For a salesperson, it’s important to know everything about the customer before contacting them. With Sellsy, you have a 360° view of the customer so that you can avoided embarrassing mistakes like calling a customer to sell when they have a outstanding payment or they have requested support.

The principle of Sellsy’s multiple modules is to make it as easy as pie to get every single bit of contact information you need in the same place and keep it up to date. All of our modules already talk to each other with ease, so be it a sales opportunity, invoice, support ticket, or receipt; all of your staff have access to all of the essentials (or not, you manage the permissions of course).

Of course, you’ll also need all of your team calendars, tasks, reminders, emails, and notes in the same place. Sellsy integrate with GSuite and Office365 to make sure doing so is a breeze.

Lead tracking & scoring

Tracking allows you to see each pages of your website that a customer or prospect visited, and then create automatic scoring tool to qualify your opportunities and stop wasting time on lost causes.

Lead tracking

Not all visitors on your website are of equal importance. With Sellsy tracking, you know your lead’s every interaction with your website – even when it’s anonymous.

Lead scoring

Set up some lead scoring tools to automatically score your prospects based on the interactions they’ve had. Visited the “Pricing” page? +10%. Opened an invoice? +20%. Visited the “Careers” page? -30%.

You set up the rules. Then, every step of the way you and your sales team have a ranked list of the prospects that have showed the most positive buying behaviour at the top, and the not-so-likely deals at the bottom.

That way, sales can work from top to bottom and focus only on the real sales opportunities.

Radins.com, client Sellsy


“All of our sales team tasks are centralised in one tool with Sellsy: email sending, automatic follow-ups, and sales documents.”


Nicolas Berdalle
VP Sales @ Radins.com, M6 Web Affiliate

Sales automation

Set up automated scenarios so that nobody every forgets about you.

Easily create automated emailing scenarios directly into the steps of your sales pipelines.

Have a prospect that is no longer responding? Simply slide them into an automated emailing sequence and leave it to Sellsy to wake them back up.

When they open your email their score will increase.

Have a list of cold leads, from an exhibition for example? Slide them into a automated step in your pipeline and watch the qualified opportunities rise like magic.


Work as a team with powerful collaboration tools

With Sellsy, you won’t forget about anything that makes your business money. With real-time notifications, email tracking, document open notifications, and shared calendars as standard; you can make missed chances a thing of the past.

Features your team will love:

  • Live chat inside the CRM
  • Shared calendars
  • Task management
  • Kaban project management

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