Custom quotes and proposals

Whether you work with quotes, proposals, or contracts; you can do it all from Sellsy.The Redactor module puts the power in your hands to create any type of sales proposal or contract images and dynamic fields from your CRM data.

And of course, you can track if and when each document was opened and how long it was read for.

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Optimised billing


Simplify your billing

Quickly convert sales documents (e.g. quotes and credit notes) into an invoice in two clicks and avoid any possibility of accidental document duplication.

Your invoices will be personalised your logos, page background, and company information.

Your customers will also need to see their invoices and pay them. That’s why wer customers can view their invoices and download them into PDF.

Invoice for hours worked

If you bill your customers according to the time you spend on their project, you’re going to love Sellsy’s time tracking.

Any time that you or your team spend on a client is logged in one place to easily generate an invoice with the cost calculated for you.

Recurrent billing

Repetitive billing

If your business works on retainers or an agreed billing schedule, Sellsy will work for you. Simply put in the frequency and let the invoices get generated and billed automatically. Goodbye late payments.

Online signatures and payments

Asking a customer to print off a quote, sign it, scan it, then send it back is tiring for both sides.

With online signatures, speed up your time to close a deal by allowing customers to legally sign your proposals and quotes online.

When that’s out of the way, Sellsy gets you paid quicker with an online payment portal available on every invoice. Be it PayPal, credit card, or direct debit, you’ll get paid.

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La tête et les jambes, client Sellsy

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“Sellsy has completely changed how we manage our business. Now we have a real-time understanding on our cash position, and that changes everything.”


Gillian Biral
La tête et les jambes

Uncomplicated accounting

Sellsy comes packaged with accurate accounting features. Your accountant will love us as much as your team.

Accounting plan

Link your accounting codes

Easily assign the products and services in your catalog with accounting codes. No matter the country or code setup, you’ll be able to edit all that you need to be above board.

An analytical plan is also available for an analysis by product or file.

Sellsy exports your general ledger and accounting logs (sales, purchases, cash register, payments) in a format compatible with every piece software on the market.

Don’t double your workload

Accounting exports work incrementally so that only the non-exported entries are displayed.

Once entries are exported, the relevant documents are locked and the system labels them as “accounted for”.

workflow comptable
Accès experts comptables sur Sellsy

Accountant access

You can give your accountant access to your Sellsy accounting data, free of charge and without taking up a user slot on your subscription.

In any case, this access will always be useful to verify a supplier invoice without your accountant having to ask you to send the document.

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