Ambassador (Administrator) In charge of the Sellsy account
Ambassador Are you a Sellsy user?


Are you in charge of the Sellsy account?


1 – Introduce your contacts to Sellsy

Go to the referral page in your Sellsy account.

Share your unique referral link with your contacts or invite them to discover the software thanks to a personalised email.

Don’t have time? We’ll take care of it. Forward your contacts to your account manager or send them to us directly by email. They will be automatically linked to your account.


2 – Your contacts subscribe to Sellsy

Your contacts will be supported by our advisors: Welcome call, introductory webinar, account setup assistance: all Sellsy support is 100% behind them.

Your referrals will be visible on your dashboard in your referral space.


3 – Receive your commission

You get compensated and receive a 20% commission calculated on the amount of your referral’s first annual subscription.

The commission is paid to you in cash, by cheque or bank transfer: an excellent way to get your subscription reimbursed!


Entrust your contacts