Acquisition, activation, loyalty, and reporting

There’s rarely a marketing task that doesn’t eventually become tedious.

With Sellsy, your marketing team has access to multiple collaborative tools, essential for the proper implementation and accurate monitoring of marketing actions.

Find out how Sellsy’s marketing team uses Sellsy on a daily basis.

Track acquisition channels to explain the ROI of every £ invested

At Sellsy, we’re managing acquisition campaigns on a daily basis. Whether the business opportunity comes from Google Adwords, content on our blog, advertising on social networks, a webinar, a partnership or an event, we can easily identify its origin and can rigorously follow it.

To find the number of opportunities generated per source and the quality of these opportunities, we use the Sellsy opportunity source report. This allows us to have a simple and quick view of the performance of the different acquisition channels over a day, week, month, or year.

This report even goes so far as to give the total invoiced thanks to each acquisition source so we can defend each campaign and spend money wisely in the future.

Suivi des canaux acquisition

Great communication is planned communication

Like any high-growth company, at Sellsy we have a very tight communication, campaigns, and event preparation…

In order to monitor and follow what everyone is working on on a daily basis, we use the project management module.

What are the tasks that still need to be checked off? By whom? When by? In the blink of an eye, we have a calendar view or a list view. Each entry can be assigned to several team members at the same time, which also encourages collaborative work within our team but also for large scale projects within the company.

Database segmentation and targeting

The time where mass email marketing worked is long gone. Now we’re in the era of personalisation and targeting. Communicating effectively and sending relevant information at the right time is to ensure that customers and prospects feel as if they are listened to.

Custom fields and smart-tags in Sellsy give us a wealth of information about our customers. The saved searches for different audiences allow us to carry out precise targeting in one click for our emailing campaigns.

We have real time access to statistics on email deliverability, open rate, click rates, and unsubscribe rates. We can also identify the specific contacts who have opened and clicked on a link in each.

Recherches sauvegardées

Collaboration is key

At Sellsy collaboration between teams is important. This is why we are all actively using the support module; which makes it easy to request a new feature or to fix a bug reported by a customer to our Twitter via an internal ticket.

When a ticket assigned to a team member, they can quite easily forward it on to another department if they are better placed to answer. We are always kept up to date by email of the progress of our request. This ensures reactivity and speed in the dealing with all of the customer feedback we receive on the marketing front.

Thanks to the Google Sync connector, we can also take advantage of Google calendar directly from the Sellsy interface. We can send invitations to other members of our team but also to people external to Sellsy. Each invitation can also be confirmed directly from the interface. Finally, we can link each of the events on our agenda to our different task entries in the project management module.

Landing pages to capture leads

With Sellsy, all members of the marketing team have the ability to modify the content of our website via the Sellsy website module. The drag and drop interface allows us to management our landing pages without any need to speak to a developer.

We often create and customise our landing pages using different custom fields depending on the need. Of course, an ebook download form will not have the same fields as one to log the contacts we’ve spoken to at a trade show, so we need to be able to modify the page and form within it.

Optimising our contact forms therefore allows us to generate qualified contacts and facilitates the subsequent follow-up from our sales team in Sellsy CRM.


Simple lead nurturing

Once a lead is in our CRM, we set up (in collaboration with the sales team) different processes according to each of their profiles. Thanks to the CRM module, it is very easy to create automated emailing scenarios directly in the same pipelines the sales team use. This is a great way to “feed” leads by sending interesting content that will help them fall in love with our product; such as customer testimonials, expert opinions, white papers, or link to a webinar.>

In addition, lead scoring rules are viewable by marketing and sales alike. This means that when a prospect opens an email or visits certain pages, their probability of becoming a customer increases and therefore they are bumped up the priority list for the sales team to follow up with immediately.

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