Why choose an online solution?

You are used to storing your personal files, such as photos or emails, in the cloud; why not do the same for the information and management of your company?

Contrary to popular belief, online solutions provide the best assurance that your data will be backed up, which is far superior to that of local storage and the inherent risks that come with it (drive failure, breakage, theft, fire etc.).

A solution like Sellsy allows you to easily evolve by adding team members or different modules whenever it becomes necessary. The price you pay is for a use and not an investment. No longer do you have to finance an expensive on-site project and installation.

Finally, an online solution brings you possibilities unknown to traditional solutions, which will delight both your employees and your customers.

Sellsy, logiciel de facturatione en ligne

Sell faster and organise better

In an SME, administrative processes can often create bottlenecks that are felt in your cash flow. Be it difficulties in quickly issuing quotes or invoices, in getting contracts signed or paid, in restarting the process or beyond.

With an online solution like Sellsy, you’ll have modern tools at your disposal to make your business cycle more fluid: quotation templates, product and services catalogues, stock management, and online payments to name a few.

Sellsy allows you to easily centralise all your business data and make it accessible from anywhere by anyone in your team. In a customer meeting and need a quote you created two years ago? No problem, with Selly and your smartphone, you have direct access to your entire history with each customer.

Save time at every stage of the sales process

Between the prospect arriving in your CRM and the payment of the invoice, there are often time-consuming operations.

Are you familiar with any of the cases below?

  • Difficulty creating quotations/proposals?
  • Delays in getting signed quotes from prospects?
  • Wasting time checking if a payment arrived in your bank?
  • Complexity in sending financial data to your accountant?

Sellsy allows you to optimise every step of the way:

  • Quick creation of quotes and proposals
  • Accept online signatures on quotes/proposals
  • Transform a quote to an invoice in 2 clicks
  • Accept online payment of your invoice
  • Easy reminder (email or letter) of late paying customers

All these features can add up to saving you days in your sales cycle. Revenue comes in faster and your sales forecasts are more accurate.


Collaborative tools: it is your employees who will thank you

A recurring topic in SMEs is the existence of barriers between departments.The perfect storm is normally the marketing team that has difficulty collaborating with sales representatives who have difficulty working with production and so compounds the problem.

These barriers are often induced by the use of different tools: salespeople have their CRM, warehousing have their own tools and so on.

Sellsy’s power lies in its ability to clearly and legibly aggregate all interactions with the customer from every department. This way everyone has the same level of information for the greater benefit of the customer.


Sellsy works with your existing tools

You probably already use tools to manage your emails, calendars or file storage.

You don’t have to start all over again with Sellsy. We connect to your favourite tools such as Google Suite or Office365 to bring all of your processes within the same dashboard.

If an integration doesn’t already exist, don’t panic. Sellsy integrates with Zapier and has an open API so that you can develop all the integrations you need.


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A European solution following European laws

The arrival of GDPR has changed a lot of industries and cannot be taken lightly. Managing personal data in Excel or in a shared file is no longer a viable option.

With Sellsy, you have a solution that natively provides you with all the tools you need to manage your obligations with precision: access rights, collecting and logging consent, removing inactive contacts, etc.

Similarly, the legal environment around invoicing software increasingly requires the use of certified solutions. Sellsy invests considerable time to provide you with a solution that meets all legal requirements.

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