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When creating a startup, the founder’s first reflex is often to test several applications and choose one application per function.

While this strategy may make sense, it usually results in a rapid lack of data centralisation that is felt as the business grows.

With Sellsy you get one dashboard to manage the vital functions of your startup: track and convert your leads, make quotes and get them signed, invoice and get paid, track your support requests and manage your marketing campaigns. With just a single tool, you can very quickly have a solid and scalable platform.


Sellsy is cheaper than multiple applications

When starting you will have to balance a limited budget with a tight schedule. Your team’s goal should always be to grow quick, not to become billing or collection professionals.

With Sellsy you have a solution that responds to these two common constraints:

  • by directly integrating a solution that is accessible by your entire team and easy to learn, you are immediately operational


  • by offering pricing adapted to small teams at prices that are often several times lower than those of several business applications.

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“The solution really adapted to all of our needs, be it creating client files, managing sales opportunities, sending invoices, keeping track of our revenue, or exporting it all.”

William Bellachioma
B2B Event Manager @ Anticafé

Support client

Startups understand startups. Benefit from our reactive support

We all know the nightmare of slow and impersonal call centers.

At Sellsy, support is provided entirely in-house at our HQ. Our specialists are completely up to date with the platform and know how to respond to the needs of over 4000 corporate customers.We do our best to provide you with a quick answer, whether by email or telephone.

If there’s something we don’t do well yet, let us know. Most of Sellsy’s functions have been developed based on customer feedback.

Sellsy API: A robust tool to integrate your apps

Easily integrate your Sellsy modules with any other application. You should be focusing on developing your business, not creating a billing platform that take up your dev team’s time.

In the same way, you can easily connect with third-party tools using our API. For example, if you work with a logistics provider, it is easy to automatically transmit new orders to them in real time to their business tool (provided they have an API too).

If you want to create a quick order entry mobile application that sends data to Sellsy, you can.The possibilities are endless and, contrary to legend, can easily be implemented by a developer.



“We estimated a 30% increase in sales representative productivity since implementing Sellsy”

Adrien Tilliard
CRM Manager @ Mobibam

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Easily connect Sellsy with other SaaS applications

Far from locking you into a monolithic system, Sellsy is open to the SaaS ecosystem.

Out of the box, Sellsy has multiple connections such as G Suite or numerous payment portals such as GoCardless and PayPal.

Beyond that, our Zapier integration allows you to very easily connect Sellsy with thousands of applications. Want to create a prospect on Sellsy when a contact subscribes to a newsletter on Mailchimp? It’s easy and you don’t need to be a developer.

For more advanced and customisable integrations, we also offer a partnership with

A European solution following European laws

The arrival of GDPR has changed a lot of industries and cannot be taken lightly. Managing personal data in Excel or in a shared file is no longer a viable option.

With Sellsy, you have a solution that natively provides you with all the tools you need to manage your obligations with precision: access rights, collecting and logging consent, removing inactive contacts etc.

Similarly, the legal environment around invoicing software increasingly requires the use of certified solutions. Sellsy invests considerable time to provide you with a solution that meets all legal requirements.


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