100% data: The new Sellsy, clearer and faster than ever

100% data : the new Sellsy

You are more than 4,500 companies and tens of thousands of users to use Sellsy every day. It is an incredible mission for us to bring you this service, and as you know, we are working hard every day to improve our tool and offer you more reliability and better features.

Today, we are excited to announce something we have been very happy to develop for you.

As of November, you will be able to access the beta version of our new pages (customer, prospect, opportunity and contact).

These new pages represent a real technical achievement. We know that many of you were waiting for them. Here are some explanations on the importance of this evolution, as well as some details on next year’s evolutions.

The timeline: the whole story of your client on the same page

If you are a Sellsy user, you know the customer page brings a real 360 ° view of each of your customers.

Right now, this page is divided into many tabs and menus, which means multiple clicks and many pages to get a complete view of the data and history with the customer.

With the new customer page, Sellsy introduces the concept of timeline, where you can see the whole life of your client chronologically organised, whatever the action.

This way, you now have access to all the history of your actions on a client or opportunity, but also to your future deadlines, such as task or appointments to come for example.

Another advantage of the timeline: it displays the data of the object itself (a customer page for example), but also of its related objects (contacts, opportunities, etc.). Thus, you will find, for example, the comments posted on the customer page, but also on the related contacts and opportunities.

Sounds quite simple, how hard was it to implement in the tool?

Well, it was quite a complex task. We have already introduced a certain amount of evolutions to you, such as the new dashboard and the new lists that you have discovered these last few months.

Without going too into details, it's easy to understand that a platform like Sellsy generates millions of interactions every day. Giving you the opportunity to access this information without delay or need to click was a real technological challenge.

But as you will see later, these evolutions do not stop at the new pages: they foreshadow what Sellsy will be in the months and the year to come.

A timeline is cool, but what's so special about this one?

Great point: we didn’t invent the timeline concept. It’s been a common feature for many programs. After all, you can see an Inbox is already some kind of timeline, so...

We’re different in the depth of the timeline, as in the extent of what is displayed in it.

We took our time to develop it but it’s all for your benefit: we are able to display more events than any of our competitors.

Our timeline is clear and well organised and you can easily open and check complex cases with a wide variety of entries (documents, appointments, tasks, opportunities, comments, time tracking, support tickets, etc.).

Bring in our different partners like Ringover or Xeno, who come to enrich this timeline, and you will understand that we are very close to perfection.

From lead to sales, to production and customer success, all your teams are on the same page, literally.

Weigh the Sellsy timeline against any competitor and you will quickly realise that none brings you such a direct, instant and detailed view of your customer journey.

You said this is only the beginning, so what's next?

We have decided to move towards a new type of database to open the door to features that we would not have dreamed of initially:

  • A universal search field, which searches in all data
  • The generalisation of the new list model (there are still many to integrate, but in the end, all will be)
  • A considerable improvement in reporting possibilities, with the ability to navigate your data in real time (also called drillers).

These features added to our easy-to-use and efficient new pages will bring big changes and dramatically improve your daily user experience.

Great! You convinced me, so when can I start using them?

The new pages will be available in your account starting in November.

As with each launch of a Sellsy product, you will be able to switch from one version to another.

After a few weeks of beta, these new displays will be fully integrated to Sellsy and become standard.

So, I tested them, they’re great, but _______ is missing?

As this is in beta mode, it may not yet meet all your expectations.

If you are missing data or have any other reason to prefer the older version, get in touch with us: our teams are developing and updating these pages every day.

As always, your comments and feedback will help us achieve perfection.

Fred and the whole Sellsy team want to thank you all for your loyalty and patience.

The future is here and it is very exciting! We really hope you make the most of these new features!

Some figures on the Sellsy platform

10 years after its launch, Sellsy is an important infrastructure. Here are are some of our big numbers:

  • 18 servers (50% physical / 50% virtual) hosted at Claranet
  • 10TB of backed up files for our customers
  • 300,000 new daily events
  • Up to 2,000,000 asynchronous events processed per day
  • 12,000,000 weekly HTTP hits and a similar number of API calls
  • 300,000 notifications per week (mails, web hooks)
  • 200,000 PDFs generated per week, with peaks at 8,000/hour

In 10 years, our customers have created:

  • 15,291,914 documents
  • 8,070,434 invoices