5 Good Reasons to Use the Cloud

5 good reasons to use the cloud

Cloud computing (or Saas): You've heard about it, but you've never taken the plunge. Sharing and working on your documents online has many advantages for your business like saving time, increasing traceability, and keeping things confidential. It significantly reduces your archiving costs and increases the productivity of your team.

1) Get Rid of 100 Different Versions of the Same File

You have probably experienced it when multiple people are working on the same document: You send the document back and forth so many times that it becomes difficult to keep track of where you're at. What's the alternative to the good ol' Excel sheet? -A cloud CRM tool. Accessible with a single click, it allows you to centralize all of your team's comments and follow the history of all the modifications. With the cloud, you're sure to be seeing the latest update in real time, while still having access to the previous versions if needed.

2) Say Goodbye to Repetitive Tasks that Cause Errors

With a SaaS type software, there is no need to do tedious software updates or verify the compliance of a document. With a remotely hosted automated validation system, the cloud instantly detects compliance errors. Getting rid of these troublesome tasks helps you avoid the risk of error. It frees up time for your team allowing them to devote themselves to tasks with high added value, and thus increase the profitability of your business.

3) Say Hello to a Time Saver

Saving time is the clear result of remote collaboration and removing repetitive tasks. Using SaaS reduces the response time between collaborators. The more responsive your teams is, the faster they can meet customer requests, and thus increase the productivity of the company. All thanks to the cloud!

4) Long Live Adaptability for all Screens

With a laptop, smart phone, or tablet. On Mac, Windows, Android, or Linux. Your documents are accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Thanks to the cloud, your sales team and your technicians on the field can centralize information and easily interact with your support team at the headquarters. It works the same whether you are in the office next door, in an open space, or on the other side of the world.

5) Assured Security

Corporate data security is usually what makes CIOs reluctant to embrace the cloud. Confidentiality is their first priority. Will your software provider have access to your client files? Answer: Never, without your permission. Archiving data on a remote secure server also avoids risking data loss due to a hardware fault (a hard disk failure for example).

The cloud sure is convincing!