5 rules for sending your greetings by email

greetings by mail

It's almost the new year and is the time for seasons greetings. Traditionally companies will send cards by post, but today they are more likely to choose email. This shift is in tune with the times: cleaner, more modern, less expensive and easier to implement , the email greeting card has it all:-)

To celebrate the launch of Sellsy Marketing , our email marketing tool, here are 5 tips to send a successful greeting card by email .

1 - The first visual

A greeting card is typically a short message : the aim is not to oversell your product or offer cascading promotions. A greeting card is above all a thank you to your customers and partners.

It is important to choose a strong visual that matches your image.

To find an adequate visual and without legal risk (be careful with Google Images), the easiest way is to go through an image bank. Very economical solutions such as Fotolia allow you to find a quality visual at affordable prices.

Remember to offer an online version of your web page greeting card. Then you can easily utilize social networks or post a link on your website .

FYI, in the Sellsy Marketing add-on, the online version is generated automatically.

3 - Write an original message

A greeting card is an opportunity to differentiate yourself and put your best foot forward . Avoid clichés and standardized messages in order to stand out better .

No matter how much you've revised: one spelling mistake is enough to ruin your message.

4 - Follow the results

Once you send your good wishes to your entire customer database: this becomes an excellent opportunity to take note of your message's deliverability .

A tool like Sellsy Marketing indicates the bounced addresses, allowing you to easily identify clients who can no longer receive messages (email outdated, unsubscribed customer ...).

5 - Smartphone generation? Choose SMS

If your target is young and mobile user, you can also send your wishes by SMS .

This innovative solution is in tune with the times and is the safest way to ensure your users read your message.

Your turn

We hope these tips will help you create your perfect greeting card for 2015. Timing is crucial so prepare now.

If you have a Sellsy account, this is a great opportunity to test Sellsy Marketing . For more information on how this add-on works, please visit the FAQ on the subject.