6 Virtues of Sharing Information in your Company

Sharing information in your company

Centralizing information in a CRM tool is a powerful support in developing your business. It allows for better internal communication, but above all, it improves the customer experience. All the departments of your company will be able view the progress of your projects. Your teams (sales, marketing, and support) can thus adapt their communication with the customer according to the their history.

Objective: to personalize customer relations to the max.

1 - Clear Project Tracking

The main point of sharing information through a CRM is to have a global vision of customer records and their progress. It's more than a simple project management tool; it's a powerful tool to drive your company. The statistics prove it.

2 - Greater Collaboration between Departments

It will put your sales, marketing, and support teams all on the same page. This shared, easy to access, information is essential to avoid redundancies and unnecessary misunderstandings. With a CRM everyone knows where to find the information they need to move forward. This kind of collaboration also simplifies interaction and promotes transparency.

3 - Customized Customer Relations

Centralize everything you know about your customers (their contact details, contact history, and completed actions) in their record. This ensures a 360° customer view of each employee who has interacted with them. Objective: to demonstrate a proximity when you speak with your customers or when you send them marketing campaigns.

4 - Stay Up-to-Date, even on your Mobile

Out on the field, salespeople gather vital information about your prospects and customers. Storing this information in individual records allows the marketing department to send out pertinent information (and thus improve the rate of transformation). Centralizing this data in a CRM simplifies daily life for your team, wherever they are and from any medium (computer, smart phone, or tablet).

5 - Strengthen Team Spirit

Ensuring that all of your collaborators can freely share and access project data improves team cohesion. The fluid and transparent exchange of information puts everyone on the same page. This instills a special team spirit and engages each individual to move together as a team to meet a common goal.

6 - Save Time and Productivity

With user comfort, the speed of interactions, and quality exchanges, sharing information on a CRM helps you maximize your ROI in the long-term. Concentrating everything that your team knows about a customer in one place, not only improves the profitability of your business, but it also makes the process more enjoyable.