Create Perfect Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns

Sending targeted marketing campaigns is now possible! With the Sellsy Marketing unit, you will be able to use the power of Sellsy filters to segment your customer records and send targeted, personalized messages.

A Simple Tool to Create Your Marketing Emails

The Marketing Unit has an email creation tool that does not require any technical knowledge: everything happens through a simple drag-and-drop system. It will take you less than ten minutes to compose a professional email (Everything is possible from a simple informative email to a fancy newsletter).

Have some tech skills? A 100% HTML mode is also available with live preview.

Targeting: Mailing Lists and Segmenting

The Marketing Unit allows you to manage mailing lists and dynamic lists defined according to how you have set up your Sellsy account. This feature allows you to easily respond to all your targeting needs.

Reporting: For a Campaign or an Individual Customer

Sellsy's Marketing reporting tools allow you to analyze the performance of your campaigns and view the marketing history of any given customer. Many different kinds of information are offered such as opening rates, click rates, sending errors, and of course, any delivery problems. From the marketing campaign page, you will be able to filter among the list of recipients, see who has opened the email (and how many times), and see who has clicked etc.

Text Message or Email? It's up to you to decide

Sellsy Marketing Unit allows you to send campaigns by email or text message with excellent deliverability. All of Sellsy's marketing emails are provided by Email Stratégie, a leading emailing company in France.

Direct Link to your CRM

You can set up automated actions from your marketing campaign.

A trigger can be set up to automatically launch an action (after your customer clicks on a button in the email for example). This trigger would then send an automatic email or create an opportunity that will be saved in your CRM, in the pipeline and step of your choice of course.

The Sellsy +

This unit is included with any Sellsy subscription. It allows you to increase your visibility and productivity.

Sellsy's marketing campaigns operate on the basis of quotas adapted to your subscription plan. So don't hesitate... Get those marketing campaigns started! :)

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