Customer Relations: 6 Mistakes that Kill

Mistakes that kill customer relationship

Whether you are dealing with the general public or professionals, the success of your business depends on a healthy and (if possible) friendly relationship with your customers. How do you inspire confidence and retain your target? By avoiding these 6 mistakes that kill the customer relationship.

Error # 1 - Addressing all your Customers in the Same Way

Each customer is unique and wants to be considered as such. Nothing is more annoying than automatic emails that have been sent to a badly segmented contact database.

Personalize your communication whenever possible. A good start is by using the proper names of your customers. Don't forget to target your messages. Automated marketing is an excellent tool for target marketing. It makes it possible to establish email scenarios according your customers history. With this, you're sure to succeed!

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Error # 2 - Not Knowing your Customer

Whether it's a new or regular customer, it's essential that you know who you are talking to. Yes, one goal to be to adapt your sales proposals to your customer, but in the end, the goal is to reassure your customer that you take good care of them, and especially them. A CRM solution allows you to archive exchanges with customers and centralize customer information. It helps keep everything organized, especially if your customers are made up of multiple collaborators.

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Error # 3 – The Spammer

Nothing is more irritating than unsolicited sales messages. Reminding your customers to remember you is a good idea of course, but doing it too frequently and filling up your customers' inboxes will have a negative impact on your company's brand. Instead, be subtle. Through tracking customers' activity, identify the questions that they are asking themselves. Then, deliver them the one single response on a silver platter.

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Error # 4 – Ignoring the Feedback from your Customers

How should you ask your customers for Feedback? Without censorship! Whether positive or negative, let them express themselves and respond to them, if possible, in a personalized way. Whether it be on social media, blog comments, by mail, or email, above all, stay tuned and be responsive. An unhappy customer on Twitter has the equal potential to publicly praise you if you bring them a kind and quick solution to their problem.

Error # 5 - Forgetting to Spoil your Customers

Customers don't come back automatically. To ensure that they continue with you, it's necessary to offer them new deals. Show them that they are important. Don't forget to maintain a high quality customer support. Remember, a customer is never loyal or unloyal just by chance.

Error # 6 – Being Mysterious

Coordinates not found, badly thought-out website, unclear terms and conditions... These are all signals of a lack of transparency. Forget this classic false strategy of saying anything just to arouse the curiosity of customers, hoping that they will contact you. If you want to inspire confidence, it is better to expose yourself (without bragging of course) in a clear and intelligible way.