Did you know? Sellsy allows you to track and analyze documents openings.

Tracking documents

Have you always wanted to know if your prospect has looked at your quote? And if so, for how long they had it open?

Would you like to be notified in real time when one of your business proposals is being consulted?

It's possible with Sellsy! You are able to analyze the behavior of your prospects in real time by tracking the opening and reading times of your documents.

What are the advantages of this feature?

1. Contact your Prospects at the Right Time

There is no need to repetitively contact your prospect if they have not even had the time to consult the quote yet.

With Sellsy, you are notified as soon as your business proposal has been read. You can then contact your prospect by phone and get their thoughts while they're hot.

2. Prioritize your Sales Reminders

You will also see the usefulness of this feature in organizing your work and prioritizing the order that you send your sales reminders. The most effective way to prioritize your work is by relaunching your prospects who have already viewed your quote.

3. Accelerate and Simplify your Sales Cycle

Is your prospect ready to study your business proposal? Get to the iron while it's hot by contact them as soon as they have read your quote. By being responsive, you can close your sales faster and increase your conversion rate!

Tracking and analyzing sales proposal openings and reading times are therefore essential in your sales approach. It's the extra advantage that can perfect your sales cycle.

Tracking Opening and Reading Times on Sellsy: How does it work?

Sales documents (quote, invoice or other) are sent through a link to view the document. Once it has been sent by email (or Skype or Google Hangouts), you'll receive the tracking of your reader's actions.

It's important to note that if you attach your sales document by PDF, you will have no way to track the consultation of the document or the time your customer spent reading it.

That's why the link is the best way to go. When your customer clicks on the link, they are sent towards a preview of the document.

At this point, you have the option to be informed about the tracking information of the document with notifications from Sellsy, Slack, or email.

You will then find the following information in Sellsy's Tracking tab from the preview of the document:

- The number of views

- The duration that the document was consulted

- The number of times the document was downloaded

Ready to optimize your sales cycle? Now, that you know about Sellsy tracking, the rest is up to you!:)