Have you ever lost a contract due to a signature problem?

Electronic signature

Do you know that Sellsy has an integration with Yousign, an incredibly powerful and reliable electronic signature provider?

You can sign all your documents directly with Yousign. It's a simple and automated solution to get paid faster!

Did you know? Current practices don't provide legal certainty.

In daily life, companies often ask their clients to sign documents by hand and return the signed document by email.

This practice, which is rather burdensome for the client who has to print, sign, scan, and send back the document, entails no legal certainty. For a manual signature to have legal standing, you must have the original signed document. A copy does not have legal standing.

Another method to facilitate the process for the customer, is to ask by email that they accept the conditions. But again, there is no legal certainty and thus it's not worth signing.

Instead, increase your turnover and legal security with electronic signatures.

As a company manager, it is essential to ensure a proper execution of contracts with a certain formality. Signing quotes or delivery notes is absolutely necessary.

But this process is complicated and therefore not always respected. This is where the electronic signature comes in.

With electronic signatures, your customer can sign a document from a computer or a mobile device with just a few clicks.

Everything is tracked and automated: when your customer signs, you are directly notified in your Sellsy account.

Why use Electronic Signatures?

Electronic signatures have high legal value and can be used in court if necessary.

It has a level of authenticity that is even higher than a manual signature. An electronic signature guarantees the identity of the signatory and the integrity of the document.

The process is fully integrated: you send a signature request to your client, and they'll be able to simply sign the document. When the signature is made, you are notified in your Sellsy account.

Another advantage of using electronic signatures is that clients can sign the document from anywhere in the world. They'll be notified by email, sign in a few clicks, and won't need to register or pay.

For Quotes, but not Solely!

Of course, signing quotes is the best way to secure your sales, but Sellsy also allows you to go much further.

With the Redactor module, you can create all types of documents using the power of your Sellsy database.

For example, you can create:

  • Sales contracts
  • Detailed sales conditions
  • Employment contracts
  • Training agreements

In short, with the Redactor you have a complete tool to get all types of documents signed legally, including sales proposals that are linked to a Sellsy quote.

Also note that a document can be easily signed by several people.

Use Yousign from your Sellsy Account

The electronic signature unit is activated directly when you open your Sellsy account. You have a defined quota depending on your subscription. You can of course recharge it afterwards.

Don't use this unit yet? Don't wait any longer, save valuable time in signing your documents!

Try it out today!;)