How can you implement an effective Account-Based Marketing strategy?

Account-Based Marketing has often been focused on large companies, but all B2B companies can adopt this approach to  convert leads and sell more effectively.

To implement an effective ABM strategy, you need to follow a few important steps. It is important to keep in mind  that customers have a preference for "personalised offers that make sense".

You might as well think about them beforehand to get good long-term results:

Identifying your key accounts

Identifying your key accounts, companies from which you can expect a high potential (to be defined according  to the representative profiles of your ideal customers according to the size  of the company, the sector of activity, etc.).

Detailed research to get to know your target key accounts (brand identity, company statistics, identification of their specific problems, webinars, newsletters, customised goodies sent to  attract them, etc.).

LinkedIn is also a valuable ally to help you in your research. This social network is indeed an excellent tool to find precise data on your targets via a simple, fast advanced search.

Creating the right content

Creating the right content to find the right topics and communication formats (white papers, videos, infographics,  etc.) also, make sure that you promote your content on the right channels to  reach your targets. A CFO may be a decision-maker on a social network such as  LinkedIn, or a marketing director who is a fan of Twitter, but has little  presence on Facebook!

Don't hesitate to set up a team dedicated  to these ABM missions

Don't hesitate to set up a team dedicated  to these missions to be as efficient as responsive. Organising your campaigns before you start. Make sure that all your marketing tools (scoring, tracking, etc.) are reliable and operational. Your editorial scenarios should also be given your full attention: they should all be different from each other to capture the  attention of your key accounts (and persuade them!).

Measuring your ABM results

It is a key step that should not be neglected. It is essential to define your KPIs correctly and to compare them regularly (analysis of the most viewed pages on your website,  interaction and engagement on social networks, downloading of premium  content, etc.)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a long-term strategy. Based on trust, it is built over time to create strong  relationships with your key accounts. Companies that have adopted it have  seen a higher ROI from their marketing actions and a better conversion rate,  and this with a controlled budget. Over to you!

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