How to Align Your Marketing and Sales Speech With the AIDA Model

How to Align Your Marketing and Sales Speech With the AIDA Model

Attracting and converting perfect strangers into customers is essential in business. Whether it is to develop your business or introduce new products or services to the market, you always need new customers.

That is why aligning your marketing and sales speech is important, especially when working on up a commercial pitch or an emailing campaign.

This is where you should consider working with AIDA model, a tried-and-true process, to achieve your goals. AIDA, what? It’s an acronym that helps you remember the four essential phases through which the buyer goes during their shopping journey. Let’s start.

A for Attention

Digital reading is not linear. Users are impatient and in a hurry, they don’t have time to look into details, they hop from one website to another. To catch their attention, even briefly, you have to be imaginative and your digital content (email, posts, infographics, white papers, etc.) must be really attractive for them to notice you on Internet. Especially today, when social networks have become a great opportunity to interact with your target audience.

Short and catchy titles, attractive and fun illustrations, concise and relevant content, neat calls-to-action, nothing should be left to chance to catch the attention of your audience for as long as possible.

I for Interest

Attracting the eye of your prospects is good, but it is not always enough. You also need to arouse their curiosity as well as involve them. You have the solution to their problems (that’s what you want them to think). At this point, they need to feel spoken to and recognise themselves in your message.

Whatever the medium, you need to focus on the benefits of the product/service you offer and sell it to them. Forget long and boring descriptions, concentrate on the features that interest them. Your message must be clear and pleasant to pique their interest and push them to go further.

D for Desire

You aroused interest from the first glance? Time to provoke desire! Make your audience dream by being desirable. Again, no need to list all the advantages of your offer. Concentrate on what directly meets the expectations of your prospects. Show them your interest in them by customising your content.

Be creative, get desired. Give them lively and compelling arguments to drive action. At this stage of AIDA, your audience is now ready to listen to you. Play on emotions and trust to create a real connection with your prospects. They will be more likely to remember your brand.

Don’t forget that the competition offers solid solutions and arguments, perhaps similar to yours. Faced with a legion of enticement, your target is spoiled for choice! Know how to differentiate yourself to stand out from the competition.

A for Action

Your offer is irresistible, time to take action! Whether you aim for a purchase, a download, a registration or just a quote, the final act of your marketing pitch is to increase the conversion rate.

To guide your prospects to this fateful step, you need to make sure your calls-to-action are perfect. The goal is to make their browsing as easy and fluid as possible. Be convincing by clearly articulating what you expect from them so they feel engaged.

While there is no magic formula for attracting prospects and converting them into customers, the AIDA model is a very popular roadmap for marketers. Especially in a highly digital marketing landscape, where it is essential to find the right tempo for successful communication.

How to work with the AIDA model on a daily basis?

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