New Module: Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation

Our product development team have been working hard for several months now and are finally able to present you Bank Reconciliation. Fully integrated into the Sellsy software, this new module will be an indispensable tool for managing your company: saving time, viewing unpaid invoices and more generally your cash flow.

There are multiple added values:

Let's take a look in more detail...

One Interface for all of Your Bank Accounts

Following-up with the transactions from your bank accounts daily is necessary but often tedious. With the Bank Reconciliation module, you are able to synchronise all your bank accounts within Sellsy and switch from one to the other with a single click.

All transactions and your balance will, therefore, be visible from the Sellsy interface: ease and time savings guaranteed for your accountant and managers!

Global Overview of Your Real Cash Position

With this module, you have a reverse view of your transactions, which is essential to be sure to have been paid and avoid errors.

You can view invoices marked "paid" in Sellsy but not reconciled to your bank account. Similarly, with purchase invoices, you quickly identify which purchases are noted in "paid" but have not yet left your bank account.

Efficiently Follow Your Collections and Spending

Bank reconciliation in Sellsy is simplified by suggestions. Your transactions can be easily reconciled to your documents (sale or purchase). As soon as a new line appears in your bank statements, Sellsy's suggestions algorithm searches for the documents that it is most likely linked to.

When a bank transaction is not reconcilable to a document in Sellsy, such as paying your payroll taxes or paying bank commissions, you have the option of reconciling it to an account in your chart of accounts. You can then export all these accounting entries.

An Ally for Your Accountant

The Banking Reconciliation module allows you to generate accounting entries for all transactions in your account (e.g. salaries, taxes, rent on your premises etc.)

A real time saver for all of your accounting processes.

For optimal use of the Banking Reconciliation module, we advise you to manage your activity with the Sales Management and the Purchasing & Margins modules from Sellsy. A great way to control your business as accurately as possible! :)

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