Prospect more effectively with Sellsy CRM Marketing Automation

Sellsy CRM Automation

If you use Sellsy to prospect, you are aware of the several features which enable you to gather leads with Sellsy: website widget, landing pages, plugins for CMS...

From now on, lead management gets supercharged thanks to our new automation features.

Be aware that you’ll become addicted to the new automation features as soon as you try them :-)

A wave of magic hand in your CRM pipelines

From now on you can add email actions directly to a pipeline. The pipeline becomes dynamic: when you drop an opportunity onto it, this triggers one or more email actions.

When you click on the Automation label, you can create or edit your email action plan.

Simple example: sending a confirmation email

It is common to move an opportunity from one stage to another one when you need to plan new actions. In several cases, it is interesting to alert the customer.

Here is a concrete case: you have one pipeline stage called Preparing Estimates. When you drop an opportunity onto this stage, there are chances that you want to tell your prospect.

You need to create a custom email template which will be sent automatically as soon as you dropped the opportunity onto the pipeline stage:

This new automation feature is flexible enough to be suitable to your business needs.

Even better: automation cycles

All research studies prove it: it takes between 5 and 8 interactions to engage with a prospect.

It is therefore necessary to offer consistency and quality content that will motivate your prospect to engage with you.

This is the whole purpose of creating automation cycles, as you can now directly in Sellsy.

Imagine that a prospect filled in the contact form on the Sellsy widget of your website: the prospect is created in Sellsy and an opportunity is added in a predetermined pipeline stage.

You will then be able to engage easily in a loop of informative emails that will be sent to the prospect on specific intervals:

Naturally, you will be able to move the opportunity to another stage in order to deal with the prospect in a more direct way, with one of sales staff, when the customer reacts to one of the sent emails.

Your imagination is the only limit

With the automation features, you can imagine very different scenarios to make the most of your leads.

If you sell an online solution, you can use these features to create an on boarding scenario.

Seize the opportunity to be creative and move away from the traditional sales cycle and differentiate yourself from the crowd with premium content.

You can also easily test multiple scenarios to identify the most effective messages based on your targets.

Finally, thanks to your Sellsy data and custom fields (first name, last name, company…), customize your emails using your customer information when you create your template.

Don't wait and start automating your pipeline!