Segment your Customer Base for Targeted Communication

segment customer base

Among other things, the success of a marketing campaign depends on the segmentation of your market. Why is it so important to "categorize" your customers and leads? -To send them ultra-targeted offers that will, therefore, increase your conversion rate. But that's not all...

Marketing Segmentation: Why is it Important?

Do you regularly send promotional emails (opt-in campaigns)? Segmenting your contact base will ensure that you have better opening and click rates. By narrowing your target, you fulfill three crucial goals in marketing:

  • Relevance: you send the right message to the right people
  • Conversion: you optimize your conversion rate (by suggesting offers that really interest your customers)
  • Credibility: you avoid harming your brand image (since you will not be sending unnecessary publicity which could make them feel spammed)

Another key benefit of marketing segmentation is that it gives you a deeper understanding of your contacts in your CRM. A CRM tool plays an important role in segmentation. It allows you to view or list your prospects according to the criteria you wish, with one single click.

How do you Segment your Customer Base?

You can use different criteria to segment your customer base:

Socio-demographic Segmentation

It's a segmentation based on quantifiable parameters allowing you to classify your prospects and customers according to:

  • Demographic criteria: age, gender, family status (number of children, married or single), height, weight, etc.
  • Socio-economic criteria: occupation, level of education, income, etc.
  • Geographical criteria: place of residence, work, or birth, etc.

Psychological Segmentation

  • Interests
  • Hobbies (cultural, sport activities)
  • Political opinions
  • Lifestyle (vegan, traveler, etc... )

How can you gather this valuable information? For example:

  • By requesting it on a form (when they download content or from a qualification form...)
  • By keeping your eye on social media

Behavioral Segmentation

Behavioral Segmentation refers to the actions of the prospect or customer. It could be:

  • the consumption habits of a product or service (frequency of purchase, time of day, means of payment used)
  • a subscription to a newsletter
  • an opening of an email
  • a click of a Call to Action
  • the time spent on a web page
  • the average response time to a request
  • a phone call
  • etc, etc, etc

Basically, any data that may be useful to adjust your marketing strategy.

Segment your database according to your market.

Now you have all your customer database information that you need at the tips of your fingers: perfect! All that's left is to match this information to meet your strategy. In order to significantly improve your R.O.I., your segmentation must first meet your marketing objectives (to conquer new customers, increase customer loyalty, sell more, etc.). Thanks to a simple tagging system, Sellsy ensures ultra-thin segmentations of your contacts- all centralized in your favorite CRM tool. What else is there to ask for?

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