Sellsy + Algolia : instant search for enhanced customer self-care

Sellsy and Algolia

We've been following Algolia for a while at Sellsy and we had the opportunity to test it on our API documentation with the excellent (and free) docsearch

If you never heard about Algolia, it's a Franco-American startup that had the excellent idea of offering a data indexing service allowing real time search via an API (to obtain similar benefits as technologies such as Solr or ElasticSearch, without specific technical skills).

To dive deeper, we just released it for searching the Sellsy FAQ, which was a good example as it's a real bible.

As always with Algolia, it speaks for itself:

Once this integration was done, we worked on its integration into our support form in our application.

Again, it was very quick to get the implementation below, which will help us reduce the number of received tickets and improve customer satisfaction through faster response.

What's next?

Now that our FAQ is indexed, we'll include it in the supp

ort module. The idea is to analyse ticket content to offer suggestions ready to be included in the response to the client.

Once these features tested for our own use, we will add this functionality to Sellsy.

You will then be able to manage your own FAQ for your Sellsy website and the support add-on, benefiting from Algolia technology.