Sellsy + Slack: Get all your Sellsy Notifications in your Slack Channels

Sellsy slack notification

Slack, which we use and love here at Sellsy, is the ideal tool to notify your team of new information coming from your Sellsy account.

If you aren't familiar with Slack, it's a business-based chat system that uses channels.

A practical use of Slack allows you to have channels dedicated to certain departments of your team. If you use Slack, it is likely that you have a "Sales" channel for your sales people or a "Support" channel for your customer success teams.

Based on our web hooks technology, with the new integration of Slack with Sellsy, you can now selectively redirect notifications to your Slack channels.

More than 380 different types of notifications can be sent to Slack, and thus there are many advantages to using this integration, here are a few examples:

For your sales team

From a sales point of view, Slack notifications can basically turn your sales reps into magicians.

They can precisely follow the actions of their customers and leads in real-time.

For some examples, among many others, they can be informed when:

A lead opens an email

A lead consults a quote online

A lead signs a quote or pays an invoice

This real-time information is an exponential value for a sales person.

Imagine that you just signed a quote and your sales representative calls you in the minute to thank you. This is the type of benefit Sellsy provides with Slack notifications: a unique opportunity to contact your leads at the exact right time.

For customer success

In the same way, real-time information is increasingly important for customer relations.

The ability to react quickly to customer requests is an important factor in improving customer relationships.

With Slack notifications, you can create a channel dedicated to new tickets: as soon as a customer request arrives, your team will be notified right away.

It is then easier to respond quickly to a request, while benefiting from the user-friendly interface of Slack to discuss the resolution.

For your project management team

If you use Sellsy project management, which we use ourselves in our development department, you can also efficiently use Slack notifications.

We all know that managing fluid projects entails agile reactivity without fault.

With Slack notifications, it becomes easy to stay connected and aware of the evolutions that happen in your projects.

For sales administration

Since there are so many notifications available, you can fix your settings to only receive the notifications that a pertinent to you in your workflow.

Did you receive a payment or sign a quote? ... Share the good news with your team :)

And for thousands of other things ...

These few examples sum up the power of this integration. As mentioned above, the system is based on Sellsy's notification layer of more than 380 options.

Be notified when a product comes in stock? Check.

Be notified of a new e-commerce order? Yes, captain.

Be notified at each receipt? Sir yes sir.

Be warned when a collaborator connects? No problem.

Be notified when an employee seizes time tracking? No problemo.

And so on, the list is long ... :)

To sum it all up, the only real limit, as you have understood, is your imagination.

If you do not use Slack, you can test it for free here.