Stripe + Sellsy: discover the loveliest way to get paid

Strip Sellsy invoices

We are pleased to announce the launch of our integration with Stripe, an online payment provider amazingly powerful and intuitive.

You can now ask for the payment of your invoices using Stripe, a simple and efficient solution to get paid faster.

Simplify your invoices payment process

With Stripe, payment is made simpler: your client can pay in a couple of clicks.

By clicking on the payment tab, your client can see a branded payment window.Once the payment is made, the invoice preview is updated with the " Paid " status.Of course, your invoice can be paid online as well as using a mobile, turning any smartphone into a powerful payment tool.

Connect your Stripe account in only two minutes

Activate the Stripe payment platform is really simple:

  1. Activate the Stripe add-on in the Sellsy store (you can create an account).
  2. Your emails now have a direct payment link
  3. Your client clicks on the link and is redirected to the invoice preview
  4. Your client pays the invoice with its credit card
  5. The payment is recorded into Sellsy and the invoice now has a " Paid " status

Try Stripe from your Sellsy account

You don't have a Stripe account and you want to try this payment mode for your invoices?No problem : when you activate the module, you can create your account.

As you will be creating it from Sellsy, the form will be directly filled with your account’s data.

And soon on your Sellsy ecommerce platform

The development of the Sellsy Ecommerce platform is moving really fast and we now entered the test phase. The launch should happen during the month of March.

Of course, Stripe will be offered at the launch of the add-on!

Activate Stripe now from your Sellsy account »