The 5 Essential Ingredients to Transform your Website Visitors into Qualified Leads!

transform your visitors into clients

Your website has a strong traffic (bravo). Unfortunately, your visitors run away without leaving an address (booooouuuh). How do you ensure that they provide you with the valuable information you need (like their contact info or other information relevant to your business)? Here are a few tips to identify your audience's expectations and make them a pool of qualified prospects.

1 - Landing Pages Full of Sales Appeal

Whether it is to highlight your offer or to propose downloadable content, your landing pages must be optimized, both aesthetically and functionally. To get this famous Look & Feel, ask these common sense questions:

> Is the design elegant, clear, and above all, understandable?

> Is there visual feedback in your interaction areas (clickable areas, sending confirmations, error message in case of incorrect entry, etc.)

> Is there the possibility for your customers to reach a member of your team to get help online? (Through the presence of a contact widget or support chat window)

2 - Call to Action: Big Buttons, Make You Want to Click!

Internet users are addicted to clicking! Satisfy this compulsive need by offering big, beautiful buttons rather than links. To turn your visitors into qualified leads, your call to action must be:

1. Well placed on your webpage, i.e. in the most viewed areas. An eye-tracking test can be useful to know the visually warm areas of your landing pages

2. Explicit: the text of the buttons are essential. "Click Here", "Get Started!", "Download for Free"... Some titles work better than others. Try it out!

3 - Text that Reassures

Another good practice to gain the confidence of your visitors, is to not talk to them about your product or service, but about what concerns them. For example, focus on the "you" more than the "us". Help them identify themselves by evoking their daily problems and by giving them concrete advice in a blog (through tutorials or practical guides). Make them have the impression, that if they give you their email address, they will simply be meeting their own needs (by downloading an explanatory white paper, client case, or software demonstration webinar for example).

Objective: Defuse their brakes by showing your target that you really understand them (and are, therefore, the best placed to accompany them).

4 - Forms that are Effective

Filling out a form can quickly become tedious, especially with a smartphone. Avoid discouraging your users by limiting the number of fields and considering ergonomics. Do you really need to know the date of birth of your lead for them to be able to subscribe to your newsletter? Create other opportunities to collect this kind of information (such as a competitive game) and adjust the information that you request in the form according to the maturity level of your leads.

5 - Tests, Tests, and More Tests

The secret to finding the ideal landing page is in A/B testing. To do that, make the same offer but with different layouts; One with a visual, one without. One with bold text, the other with flowing text. Configure your site to alternately display page A and page B, and then measure the performance of each page. The numbers will speak for themselves!