Top 4 Meeting Scheduler Apps to Improve Your Productivity

Top 4 Meeting Scheduler Apps to Improve Your Productivity

At a time when collaborative practices and mobility are thriving, teamwork needs to be organized to be effective. And if you‘re working in an office, you probably already know how important meeting planning is.

Thankfully, the market is packed with simple and powerful meeting scheduling applications that will help you improve your productivity and save time.

Focus on 4 essential tools for all teams working on a project, in and out of the office.

Top 4 Meeting Scheduler Apps to Improve Your Productivity

These tools enable you to better plan and organise your meetings as well as improve your overall productivity with powerful features.


If your daily tasks involve planning and managing numerous work meetings, especially outside of your company, Calendly is the perfect tool for you. Its user-friendly interface attracts more than 2 million users per month.

Whether you need to automate the scheduling of meetings or calls, share your of invitees' availabilities or manage your appointments, everything in Calendly is thought to make your life easier.

You can also customise each type of event with your logo for even more added value. Calendly is a simple yet complete solution that will help you manage and organise all your business meetings.

It easily integrates with a lot of other tools, such as Sellsy, via the Zapier connector for example.


Livestorm is a great webinar software that helps you plan all types of video meetings in just a few clicks.  With the ability to create live events, trainings, demos, interviews, podcasts and much more, Livestorm is a great organisational tool.

And it is also fully online.  You just need an Internet browser to connect and start working with it in real time. All your participants can benefit from your events whenever they want and wherever they are!

Livestorm is also compatible with Zapier, so you can connect it instantly with more than 1,000 apps and tools to automate your work and increase efficiency.


Zoom is one of the leaders in audio, video and web communication with more than 450,000 customers. Specialising in videoconferencing with real-time messaging, Zoom offers a range of features that has made its reputation.

This easy to use app supports up to 1,000 video participants, and offers simultaneous multi-screen sharing, a live annotation tool, etc. The perfect recipe for optimal unified video communications.

Zoom is a flexible solution with a user-friendly interface that will easily integrate with your SaaS software to help optimise the performance of your teams. is an ideal solution to help you manage your meetings online. Collaborative and very versatile multiple, allows you to share information in real time with ease, without needing to make a move.

Want to share your screen simultaneously with up to 50 people, organise audio conferencing in more than 50 countries, and customise your videoconferences with video bubbles? You can do all this and more with

The app also easily integrates with your other tools to save more time and be more efficient.  

How to use these apps with Sellsy?

Whether it's Calendly, Livestorm, Zoom or, it's easy! Thanks to the Zapier connector, you can easily create an integration in a few clicks.

Have a look at our Marketplace to find out more about our integrations.