Inbound Marketing and CRM: The Perfect Toolbox to Take Action!

Inbound Marketing et CRM : la boîte à outils pour passer à l'action !

Attract anonymous visitors, convert them into identified leads and turn your qualified leads into customers. This is the perfect scenario for developing and sustaining your business. If you apply a powerful Inbound Marketing strategy and use a great CRM tool, you will be able to grab attention, segment your audience, and interact with them in a meaningful way.

However, converting all your traffic on the web isn't easy. In general, the conversion rate from visitor to lead is around 1%. So, how can you identify the 99% of visitors who do not convert to your site?

Continue reading to learn how to take action thanks to a connected toolbox.


Segment (or spy on) your potential customers

Identify the companies that visit your site with Albacross

Inbound marketing et crm

Your prospects won't slip through the net with Albacross! This ergonomic tool shows you which companies and potential customers visit your website.

In a few clicks, you get all the information you need to turn your visitors into interesting leads (user segments, email reports, advanced filtering, search history, etc.).

And most importantly, you know how many times visitors from the same company have come back! This last piece of information is what will allow you to prioritise sales calls to start a business relationship at the right time.    

What query do your visitors type in Google before arriving on your site?  Google Search Console tells you!

Google Search Console is a service offered by Google. It is an essential tool to analyse your website’s SEO. You can optimise your content by identifying the queries that make people visit your site, but also by analysing impressions and clicks.

Dedicated to performance tracking and error detection, Google Search Console also provides mobile ergonomics for your site, as well as accurate and personalised reports.  In short, you get everything you need to improve your visibility on the web!

While the filter options are limited, they are very instructive.

What percentage of traffic comes to your site by typing your company name? By what other questions do your blog posts appear in searches? You'll know it in a few clicks with Google Search Console.  

Where do the visitors who click on the links of my site come from? How to personalise their path? UTM + Google Tag Manager

inbound marketing et crm

The UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) is a URL parameter which allows to accurately track the sources and campaigns that generate traffic and therefore identify the origin of your visitors. This allows you to analyse acquisition sources and better manage the performance of your campaigns.

This is a very good way to discover which influencers articles referencing you bring visitors who buy your products!

But that's not all: coupled with Google Tag Manager, you can easily collect more data that will enable you to offer customised itineraries depending on the source of the traffic! 

Google Tag Manager allows you to not only manage the scripts on your site in a simple and unified way, but also to trigger them according to specific criteria. See the screenshot above. Do you want to trigger a custom pop-up based on the visitor's source of arrival? You can do it in a few clicks with UTM + Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager    

Automatically populate your prospects' data when they fill out a form with Clearbit + Wordpress + Sellsy

inbound marketing et crm

Clearbit is a database that allows you to populate your prospects data in real time. This powerful marketing data engine makes it easier for salespeople to qualify thanks to a better understanding of your potential customers and the identification of future prospects.

Through the fresh and accurate data collected, you can customise each marketing and sales interaction to better guide your actions. With Clearbit, you target the right prospects, while anticipating the progress of your campaigns.  


Convert (or charm) your audience

Create Landing Pages without the intervention of developers with Unbounce

inbound marketing et crm

Unbounce is a handy tool that helps you create high converting Landing Pages in your marketing campaigns. You can scroll through several templates to build your Landing Page. Unbounce also allows A/B Testing to make multiple versions of your Landing Page, in order to measure their impact according to your objectives.

You also have the option to adapt your landing page to different media (desktop, mobile and tablet) to attract more leads.    

Analyse the behaviour of visitors to your site with Hotjar

inbound marketing et crm

Behavioural analysis of your audience is essential to improve your funnel of conversion. Hotjar is an ideal tool to better understand the behaviour and needs of visitors of your site.

It allows you to view the number of clicks on the pages of your choice, the movements of the mouse and whether the entire page is read. Other more advanced features make it also possible to visualise the funnels of conversion or carry out surveys.

Here too, you can segment through Google Tag Manager the sample you want to analyse. If you have read this far, read the UTM + Google Tag Manager section again, it will give you ideas ;).

Simple and ergonomic forms without a line of code

inbound marketing et crm

If you want to create push forms, polls and quizzes in just a few clicks and without developers, Formbuilder is the tool for you. Easy to use, it requires no programming experience and allows you to create contact, registration, order or subscription forms.

Start with a blank canvas or use one of the templates provided and create forms that perfectly reflect your brand image. You will also be able to adapt your forms to mobile, automate reports, send/receive email notifications.    


Identify (or trap) your visitors

Design and contextualised pop-ups made in France

inbound marketing et crm

WisePops is a 100% online tool that allows you to create clear and intuitive contextual pop-ups. Very simple to use, it is ideal to encourage visitors of your website to take action.

You can create many scenarios via a bank of examples with elegant and attractive design (demo proposal of a service, discount code given after registration to a newsletter, etc.).  Mobile version, A/B testing, integrated analytics, WisePops has everything to seduce and invite your visitors to interact with you.    

Schedule all your appointments with MeetingBird

inbound marketing et crm

MeetingBird is a very practical and collaborative tool that helps you plan and manage your meetings. Whether recurring or occasional, MeetingBird manages all your appointments and synchronises all the diaries.

You can also take time zones into account, create invitations to share, cast a poll to set a date convenient for all participants.


Service (without harassing!) your leads

Hubspot, Webmecanik and Active Campaign

inbound marketing et crm

Finally, to effectively manage your MQL, trust marketing automation solutions such as HubspotWebmecanik  or Active Campaign. They all offer a set of tools dedicated to digital marketing to save you time and productivity.

Recording of the behaviour of visitors to your site, scoring the attribution, segmenting audiences, capturing information via contextual messages, multi-attribution source management, etc., these platforms help you to control your Inbound strategy Marketing with a master hand.


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