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100% data: The new Sellsy, clearer and faster than ever

As of November, you will be able to access the beta version of our new pages (customer, prospect, opportunity and contact). These new pages represent a real technical achievement.

13 November 2019 • 7 min.Read more

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From rugby to aquatic vacuum cleaner, Alan D’Alfonso Peral converted the try

Welcome to the second article of our series, La Belle Histoire. For this new episode, we had a chat with Alan D’Alfonso Peral. Unconditional lover of rugby and sailing, he draws inspiration from his passions to raise awareness and educate people...

29 October 2019 • 10 min.Read more

The Discreet Influence of Industrial Design by Patrick Jouffret

Welcome to our new series, La Belle Histoire. In this first episode, we talked to Patrick Jouffret, award-winning industrial designer, whose creations and discoveries (on his website) really impressed us. His work perfectly reflects his motto: any...

28 October 2019 • 15 min.Read more

The AARRR Framework: the Essential Metrics to Convert

AARRR is the acronym for the 5 steps modelling the customer lifecycle. Much more than a simple marketing strategy, it's a state of mind with a crystal-clear goal: the rapid growth of your business.

28 October 2019 • 7 min.Read more

Inbound Marketing and CRM: The Perfect Toolbox to Take Action!

If you apply a powerful Inbound Marketing strategy and use a great CRM tool, you will be able to grab attention, segment your audience, and interact with them in a meaningful way.

25 October 2019 • 9 min.Read more

4C Marketing Model: Putting Your Client at the Heart of Your Digital Strategy

Today shoppers are getting more web-savvy and informed by the minute. They slowly change their habits and you should too. They need to be at the heart of your strategy and while you may have used the popular 4P model, a customer-guided approach...

25 October 2019 • 6 min.Read more

How to Align Your Marketing and Sales Speech With the AIDA Model

That is why aligning your marketing and sales speech is important, especially when working on up a commercial pitch or an emailing campaign.

24 October 2019 • 4 min.Read more

BANT or how to effectively qualify your leads

Acronym for Budget, Authority, Need, Timing, BANT aims to qualify your leads by determining their interest for both your company and your product.

24 October 2019 • 4 min.Read more

What data should your customer database contain?

The right client data can help you turn a prospect into a client or win a new contract. In this highly competitive ecosystem, you have to be able to build a clear and relevant strategy to your market.

23 July 2019 • 5 min.Read more

How to clean and update your customer database

You need to clean and update your customer database if you want it to be efficient. Good maintenance will bring the best results!

23 July 2019 • 6 min.Read more

How to create a customer database?

Information is power. This expression takes its full meaning when talking about customer databases. Indeed, the more you know about your customers, the more you will be able to please them.

18 July 2019 • 8 min.Read more

Customer database: which service providers should you choose?

A good management of customer data is essential. Your customer data drives your company's business through compiling valuable data to track your sales and analysing your economic performance.

18 July 2019 • 6 min.Read more

Top 4 Meeting Scheduler Apps to Improve Your Productivity

At a time when collaborative practices and mobility are thriving, teamwork needs to be organized to be effective.

17 July 2019 • 4 min.Read more