Customer Relations: 6 Mistakes that Kill

The success of your business depends on a healthy and (if possible) friendly relationship with your customers. How do you inspire confidence and retain your target?

3 May 2017 • 4 min.Read more

6 Virtues of Sharing Information in your Company

Centralizing information in a CRM tool is a powerful support in developing your business. Find out the benefits in this article!

2 May 2017 • 3 min.Read more

Segment your Customer Base for Targeted Communication

Among other things, the success of a marketing campaign depends on the segmentation of your market. Why is it so important to "categorize" your customers and leads?

27 April 2017 • 4 min.Read more

Track, Score, Qualify: The Winning Trio to (really) Prospect Effectively!

Objective: to categorize your leads and optimize your marketing strategy with each one to maxime your ROI. Learn how here!

31 March 2017 • 3 min.Read more

The 5 Essential Ingredients to Transform your Website Visitors into Qualified Leads!

Is your website getting lot of traffic, but people are running away without leaving any contact information? Learn how to turn your visitors into qualified leads!

27 March 2017 • 4 min.Read more

Webhooks: Create a new generation of applications with Sellsy technology

Discover Webhooks, a feature that allows Sellsy to better communicate with external applications.

23 March 2017 • 4 min.Read more

Sellsy + Slack: Get all your Sellsy Notifications in your Slack Channels

Easily redirect your Sellsy notifications to Slack. Your team will be conveniently notified with the information that they need.

22 March 2017 • 4 min.Read more

A French take on SaaStr Annual, the world’s largest conference of online softwares

Take a look at the world's largest SaaS conference through our eyes.

17 February 2017 • 8 min.Read more

Sellsy + Algolia : instant search for enhanced customer self-care

Learn how implementing Algolia allows Sellsy to improve support to its customers with instant search.

7 October 2016 • 2 min.Read more

Choosing the Right Distribution Channels

Distributing your content across the right channels is paramount; even the best content is worthless if it’s invisible. However, the seemingly infinite number of communication channels available on the internet make it difficult to determine...

13 September 2016 • 6 min.Read more

Choosing Between Cloud Based vs On Premise Software

For those who haven’t spent much time in the IT world, the pros and cons of each may not be clear. See what the differences mean for your company!

25 August 2016 • 5 min.Read more

5 Tips to Get Over Writer’s Block

Sometimes, you just get stuck. So what is the best way to get unstuck? Here are our top 5 strategies to get out of a funk and back into your writing groove!

17 August 2016 • 5 min.Read more